About Meline

Virginie Goyons & Sebastien Laban have been working on "Meet Meline" since 2008 in their spare time (nights and weekends). They’ve completed all the pre-production including script, concepts, previz, characters and sets design, sound research and the production which consisted in the 26 individual shots that compose the 7 minutes long 3d animated film.

They have maintained a Production Blog, a diary. As they progressed on the film, Virginie and Sebastien have been posting many screenshots of the making of the film as well as test animations and final renders. You can also join us onn Facebook to meet Meline! :o)

More information:

/ Production Dairy
/ Facebook Group
/ Interview#01(en)
/ Interview#02 (en)
/ Interview#03 (en)
/ Interview#04 (video)

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